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What Is Formaldehyde?

People often mention formaldehyde during home renovations, but what exactly is it?

"Formaldehyde" is a volatile organic compound (VOC), a colorless gas with a distinctive pungent odor. Long-term exposure to formaldehyde can lead to respiratory issues, and in severe cases, it can be carcinogenic. If there are children or pregnant women in the home, exposure can seriously affect their health.

Common renovation materials contain formaldehyde, including flooring, ceilings, paint, and furniture. Some materials can continue to release formaldehyde over time.

If you want to DIY formaldehyde removal, you can consider using specialized cleaning sprays for furniture that are designed to remove formaldehyde. However, there are many different types of these cleaning sprays, and the process can be complex. If you want a hassle-free solution, it's best to rely on professional formaldehyde removal services.


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