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Welcoming Spring Flowers for the New Year

Despite the ongoing pandemic affecting Lunar New Year fairs, people's enthusiasm for buying festive flowers remains undiminished. Crowds have shifted to flower markets, where the atmosphere is lively and bustling. If you haven't bought your Lunar New Year flowers yet, here are some common choices and their symbolic meanings. Get ready for the New Year!

1️⃣ Kumquat Trees

In many residential areas, people display trays of kumquats at their doorsteps. For those who pay extra attention, they may even hang red envelopes on kumquat trees. In Cantonese, "kum" sounds like "gold," and "kat" sounds like "good luck." Therefore, "kumquat" symbolizes good luck and wealth, signifying great fortune and wishing for a peaceful and auspicious New Year.

2️⃣ Orchids

Orchids resemble butterflies in flight, symbolizing happiness taking flight. Orchids have a delicate floral scent that adds both joy and freshness to the Lunar New Year atmosphere. They are suitable for home decoration, bringing a sweet and vibrant vibe while also purifying the indoor air by filtering out impurities and releasing oxygen.

3️⃣ Spider Plants

Spider plants, with their long, slender leaves, are often associated with swords or knives. They are believed to ward off evil and protect against negative energy, making them a popular choice for welcoming the New Year. Additionally, as spider plant flowers gradually open from the bottom to the top, they symbolize steady progress and advancement, making them suitable for celebratory occasions.

4️⃣ Peach Blossoms

Peach blossoms signify the arrival of peach blossom luck in the coming year. When the flowers are in full bloom, they symbolize auspiciousness, good fortune, and a beautiful life. In Feng Shui, peach blossoms not only affect one's health and career but also have implications for interpersonal relationships and romantic connections, increasing your chances of finding love.

5️⃣ Lilies

Lilies are associated with a harmonious and happy family, representing unity, great love, and a thriving home. They bestow blessings upon those who receive them, fostering good relationships, popularity, and overall success.

6️⃣ Multigenerational Plant (Five Generations Under One Roof)

As the name suggests, this plant represents the concept of having five generations living together under one roof. It symbolizes family unity, longevity, and a prosperous household, bringing an atmosphere of happiness and well-being.

7️⃣ Narcissus

Narcissus flowers symbolize respect, good fortune, and family reunions. Their exquisite beauty and delicate fragrance make them an enchanting choice for the Lunar New Year, resembling celestial maidens gracing your home.


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