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Wardrobe Space Layout

A well-planned wardrobe layout is crucial, not only for enhancing space efficiency but also for maintaining everyday tidiness. Traditional wardrobe designs often lead to piled-up clothes, resulting in difficulties in accessing items and disorganization.

Hence, we suggest a new, practical, yet aesthetically pleasing wardrobe layout plan:

Maximizing Wardrobe Corners

Transforming the neglected corners of the wardrobe into extended bedside tables or desks can increase storage space, making these corners functional.

Strategic Wardrobe Segmentation

The segmentation of the wardrobe is vital. Reserve height about 50 centimeters at the top section, for bedding and rarely used items. The middle section should be designed with varying heights for clothes hanging, catering to different seasonal apparel, while the bottom section can utilize drawer-style storage for easy categorization.

Balancing Beauty and Practicality

To enhance the wardrobe's appearance and modern feel, we recommend door designs without prominent handles for simplicity and to reduce the risk of collisions. The sides of the wardrobe should be slender cabinets extending to the top, with the upper and lower sections for miscellaneous items and the middle section left open for frequently used items, maximizing space usage while being convenient.

A well-thought-out wardrobe layout not only meets storage needs but also elevates the overall beauty and modernity of the home, making the wardrobe a key component in enhancing life quality and spatial aesthetics.


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