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Trending Online! The Most IG-Worthy Home Colors!

Looking to refresh the vibe of your home without major renovations? Apart from changing furniture, consider updating the primary colors in your space. Try accenting a wall or cabinet doors with the trendiest colors for an instant splash and uplift to your home’s ambiance. Curious about the hottest online color trends lately? Let’s dive in:


Digital Lavender is WGSN's chosen color for 2023. Even the iPhone 12 has been released in a similar shade. This soft purple with a hint of gray exudes a modern, clean home vibe. It's expected to remain popular for at least two more years. A must-try!

Electric Blue

Electric Blue is a bold choice. Paired with white, it evokes the iconic blue and white rooftops of Greece, lending a romantic European vacation feel to your home. From kitchen cabinets to bedroom walls, fully embrace this trending hue.

Pure White

The elegance of Pure White in home design is timeless. It maintains a fresh and pristine ambiance, and when complemented with green plants, a sense of calm and tranquility pervades. Many favor this minimalist Japanese aesthetic.

Muted Green

For those of us often indoors, bringing the colors of nature inside is appealing. The subdued muted green offers a poetic and serene atmosphere, suitable for living rooms, bathrooms, or bedrooms. It pairs beautifully with metallics and wood tones or even with black furnishings for a chic, sophisticated look.

Terracotta Orange

This earth-inspired shade with red undertones brings warmth. Unlike the brightness of orange or the depth of brown, terracotta represents a cheerful hue and has been growing in popularity. Its rich tone adds depth and comfort to open spaces, making even work-from-home scenarios much more enjoyable.


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