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Tips for selecting bathroom products, a must-read before decorating!

To create an ideal bathroom space, the choice of bathroom products is a crucial part. From toilets, bathroom cabinets to floor drains and showerheads, each item needs to be carefully considered to ensure comfort and convenience. Let's see how to choose the right bathroom products for your home!

1. Choice of toilet

The toilet is an essential sanitary ware in every household and is frequently used in daily life. There are numerous types of toilets on the market, mainly divided into wall-mounted and floor-standing types.

1. Wall-hung toilet: good-looking and practical

The wall-mounted toilet has won the favor of many "face value party" with its unique suspended design. Its bottom does not touch the ground, and there are no dead corners in the bathroom, making cleaning easier. The water tank of the wall-mounted toilet is cleverly hidden in the wall, which not only reduces the noise when flushing, but also saves space and facilitates the creation of storage areas. However, since the water tank needs to be embedded in the wall, the installation process is relatively cumbersome, and it is necessary to drill non-load-bearing walls or build false walls, which is difficult to install and relatively expensive.

2. Floor-standing toilet: cost-effective choice

Floor-standing toilets are easy to install and relatively simple to maintain in the later stage. They are available in a variety of styles and are suitable for various decoration styles. They are the mainstream choice in the market. Since the installation is relatively easy and there is no need to damage the wall, the labor cost and material cost are relatively cheap. However, for small-sized bathrooms, floor-standing toilets may take up more space, forming dead corners in the bathroom and inconvenient to clean. Moreover, floor-standing toilets use glass glue to seal the edges, which is easy to mold and difficult to clean. If the edge sealing is not strict, it may also leak water and produce odor.

Second, the choice of bathroom cabinet

As an important storage furniture in the bathroom, the choice of bathroom cabinets is not only about beauty and practicality, but also closely related to the utilization of space and the convenience of cleaning. In the current market, bathroom cabinets are mainly divided into two types: hanging type and floor-standing type.

1. Hanging bathroom cabinet: high space utilization, easy to clean and maintain

The hanging bathroom cabinet makes full use of the vertical space through the wall-mounted design, does not occupy the ground area, and is particularly suitable for small-sized bathrooms, improving the efficiency of space use. Since its bottom does not touch the ground, it avoids the accumulation of dust and dirt, making cleaning simple and quick, and keeping the bathroom clean and hygienic. However, the hanging bathroom cabinet needs to be installed on a load-bearing wall. For non-load-bearing walls, corresponding reinforcement measures need to be taken to ensure that the installation is firm.

2. Floor-standing bathroom cabinet: good stability and easy installation

The bottom of the floor-standing bathroom cabinet is in contact with the ground, which is highly stable and not easy to shake or tip over even in a humid environment. It usually has a large storage space, which can be used to place toiletries, cosmetics and other sundries, meeting the user's storage needs, and the installation process is relatively simple and quick. However, due to the large size of the floor-standing bathroom cabinet, it will occupy a certain area of the bathroom, which may seem a bit crowded for a small-sized bathroom.

3. Choice of floor drain

As a key component connected to the main sewage pipe, the shower room floor drain not only bears the heavy task of drainage and filtering foreign objects, but also directly affects the comfort and hygiene of the living environment. Therefore, in the decoration process, it is very important to choose a suitable floor drain.

1. Long strip floor drain: efficient drainage, not easy to clog

The long strip floor drain uses its large groove design to minimize water accumulation on the ground, and achieves efficient drainage by slowly draining water, bringing users a more comfortable experience. Due to its larger area design, the long strip floor drain can more effectively reduce hair accumulation and water flooding compared to the small round holes of traditional floor drains, ensuring smooth drainage. Its design, which is flush with the ground, allows it to be integrated into various decoration styles, enhancing the overall beauty and decoration level of the shower room.

2. Round floor drain: divided into T-shaped and U-shaped, each with its own characteristics

01. T-type floor drain: T-type floor drain is famous for its long service life and stable performance. Since there is no water trap design, the T-type floor drain has a fast underwater drainage speed and is not easy to accumulate water, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of backflow problems.

02. U-shaped double-sealed floor drain: The U-shaped double-sealed floor drain adopts a "U"-shaped water trap design, and achieves a good sealing effect through cooperation with the hinged sealing cover. This design can effectively prevent odors and insects in the drain from overflowing onto the ground, creating a fresh and hygienic shower environment for users.

4. Choice of showerhead

In the process of creating an ideal home shower experience, the choice of showerhead is particularly important. In modern home shower rooms, handheld showerheads and overhead showerheads have their own advantages and are suitable for different usage scenarios and needs.

1. Top spray shower: strong water impact, comfortable bathing experience

The top spray shower, with its powerful water flow impact, brings users a more comfortable bathing experience. Especially in the cold winter, even without the assistance of a bathroom heater, the top spray shower can cover a large area with its water flow, bringing a warm spring-like bathing experience. The water flow of the top spray shower is a vertical drop method, which ensures the concentration and stability of the water flow, and avoids the water flow splashing on the side walls or towels. It saves water and prevents splashing, creating a cleaner shower environment for users.

2. Portable showerhead: easy to install and flexible to operate

Portable showerheads are the first choice of many families for their simple installation and flexible operation. The flexible angle adjustment function of portable showerheads allows users to easily adjust the angle and water flow of the showerhead according to their needs, achieving a personalized shower experience. Whether it is washing hair, washing the body or washing the floor, portable showerheads can easily handle the task.

A perfect bathroom is not only a combination of beauty and functionality, but also a reflection of the quality of life of the residents. I hope the above tips can help you create an ideal bathroom space!


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