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Three Types of Common Wooden Doors

Every household has at least one door, and there's a wide variety of types and styles to choose from, each suitable for different purposes. Today, let me share some knowledge about wooden doors.

Solid Wood Doors:

Solid wood doors are crafted from natural wood and assembled using traditional tenon techniques. They boast rich textures and grains, and the surface is often painted or finished with wood wax oil for protection. Solid wood doors are known for their durability.


- High durability

- Excellent moisture resistance

- Suitable for intricate carving and detailing

- Strong soundproofing capabilities

- Repairable


- Prone to variations in color, knots, and dark lines

- Susceptible to expansion and contraction with temperature changes

- Higher cost

Ideal for: Village houses, villas, and front doors.

Solid-Core Doors:

Solid-core doors have a solid wood core at the center, sandwiched between layers of plywood and fiberboard. They are one of the most common types of wooden doors in the market, offering a good balance between quality and affordability.


- High moisture resistance

- Versatile surface finishes

- Comparable durability to solid wood doors

- Strong soundproofing capabilities

- More budget-friendly than solid wood doors


- Limited design options compared to solid wood

- Durability and stability can be affected by external factors

- Not suitable for outdoor areas exposed to sun and rain

- Hard to repair

Ideal for: General residential front doors.

Hollow-Core Doors:

Hollow-core doors are another common type of wooden door. They have a solid wood frame around the edges and a hollow interior filled with cardboard or honeycomb paper. These doors are lightweight compared to the others.


- Moisture-resistant to some extent

- Various surface finishes available

- Similar strength to solid wood doors

- Lightweight

- Most budget-friendly option


- Limited design options

- Lower security

- Weakest soundproofing capabilities

- Difficult to repair

Ideal for: Standard room doors and bathroom doors.


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