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Styles of Wooden Doors, Prices, and Key Considerations When Buying

Door Structures
1. Hollow-Core Doors – Used for: Room Doors, Toilet Doors

Hollow-core doors are relatively cheaper in price. They are constructed with wooden strips as the frame, and the panels are made of solid wood veneer combined with medium-density fiberboard (MDF). As for the core of the door, quality hollow-core doors are not genuinely hollow but are filled with honeycomb paper. High-quality hollow-core doors usually have a solid wood edging on all four sides for protection, and the panels are typically thicker (around 6mm).

2. Solid-Core Doors – Used for: Main Entrance, Kitchen Doors:

Solid-core doors are filled with solid materials. Common materials for the door's core include wooden strips, plywood, and fiberboard. Quality solid-core doors might be filled with hard wood types like teak. Similar to hollow-core doors, solid-core doors also have solid wood edging on all four sides. Due to better sound insulation and security features compared to hollow-core doors, some homeowners choose to upgrade room doors to solid-core doors.

3. Solid Wood Doors – Used for: Main Entrance, Outdoors:

The structure of solid wood doors is entirely different from solid-core doors. Solid wood doors are made purely of solid wood, assembled using traditional joinery techniques without the addition of plywood or fiberboard. Due to the intricate craftsmanship and the cost of materials, even the cheapest solid wood doors are at least twice as expensive as solid-core doors. Doors made from premium wood types are even pricier. Solid wood doors are more suitable for places exposed to sun and rain. However, it's essential to note that since solid wood doors use natural wood, they might slightly contract initially and may need paint touch-ups. Once the wood stabilizes, it becomes very durable.

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