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Solutions for Water Seepage Near Windows and Walls

During the rainy season, it's common for aluminum windows and walls to experience leaks. These leaks can lead to increased humidity and mold growth inside homes, potentially impacting one's health. As such, it's crucial to identify and address these issues promptly.

Several common causes of leaks around aluminum windows and walls include:

  • Inadequate sealing between the aluminum window and the wall.

  • Improper installation of the aluminum window.

  • Aging window sealants, blocked drainage holes, and deformities in aluminum windows can lead to water seeping into the window sills, especially during rainy days.

  • Cracks or defects in wall plasterboard or tiles.

  • Poor drainage from window channels can cause rainwater to accumulate and seep into the wall, leading to leaks.

Addressing these issues isn't necessarily complex, but homeowners need to determine if they can manage them on their own. For minor leaks, such as those between an air conditioner and an aluminum window, simply applying fresh sealant or waterproofing compound can solve the problem. If the leak is between the window frame and exterior wall, homeowners can typically seal the gap with sealant or waterproofing oil.

However, for more severe issues, it's recommended to seek professional assistance:

1. If the leak originates around the aluminum window and self-applied sealant proves ineffective, it's advisable to engage a licensed contractor or craftsman to replace the seals, clean the drainage channels, and tighten the window screws.

2. If the leak is at the interface between the window frame and the external wall, scaffolding might be required. The gap between the aluminum window and the wall should be chiseled out and subsequently sealed with a combination of sealant, waterproof mortar, and waterproofing oil.


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