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Simple Corner-Worshipping Ritual Upon Moving into a New Residence

Moving into a new home often involves a corner-worshiping ceremony. Corner-worshiping is a way to pay respects to the land deities of the new dwelling, seeking their blessings for a smooth transition and the removal of any negative energies. This practice is believed to contribute to the health and career development of the family members, signifying a positive and auspicious beginning.

Choosing an Auspicious Date and Time:

When planning a corner-worshiping ceremony, it's important to avoid dates during the Lunar New Year and the seventh month of the lunar calendar. Instead, consult an almanac or calendar for auspicious days and times, such as "auspicious for moving," "selected day," "auspicious timing," "prosperous day," or "full day." Ideally, start the ceremony before noon and complete it before sunset, avoiding nighttime rituals.

Preparing Offerings:

To perform the corner-worshiping ceremony, prepare offerings in sets of five. The basic offerings include:

1. "Four-corner clothes," special paper for corner worship (available at paper shops)

2. 15 incense sticks and 5 pairs of candles (carrot slices can be used to hold incense)

3. Five fruits of different colors (e.g., apples, oranges, pears)

4. Tea or rice wine and small cups for worship

5. Five portions of fatty pork or roasted meat

6. Peanuts with shells, sugar, and a pile of five-color beans (can be divided into five portions)

7. Offering plates

Once the offerings are ready, divide them into five portions and place them in paper cups or plates. Begin by setting one portion of offerings in the center of the living room, along with three cups of rice wine. The remaining four portions of offerings are placed in the four corners of the house. After setting up the offerings, you can start burning the ritual paper and incense.

To perform the corner-worshiping ceremony, start at the entrance and worship each corner in a clockwise direction, finishing with the central offering. This ritual is conducted to seek the blessings of safety and harmony in the new home, ensuring peace and auspiciousness for its residents.


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