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Seasonal Home Appliances Storage Tips

Most commonly used home appliances are seasonal. We use heaters and electric blankets in the winter, and fans and dehumidifiers in the summer. When the seasons change, it's time to store away the out-of-season appliances to make space for the ones needed for the current season. Here are some tips to help you store effectively and ease the transition between seasons.

1. Cleaning

Appliances that have been used for an entire season are bound to collect dust. Regular cleaning during their usage can reduce allergens and dirt in the air. Before storing them, ensure they are thoroughly cleaned. This way, when the next season rolls around, you can directly retrieve and use them.

2. Protection

Before storing, it's crucial to cover the appliances with dust covers. This not only prevents the hard-cleaned appliances from gathering dust again but also minimizes the breeding of dust mites. Additionally, include moisture-absorbing packs to prevent potential rust or other issues caused by excessive humidity.

3. Location

Many appliances take up considerable space. If possible, disassemble the appliances that can be taken apart for more compact storage. Switch the locations of in-use appliances with those being stored for the off-season. Utilize storage spaces under sofas or beneath beds, ensuring every inch of space in the home is efficiently used.


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