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Residential Fireproof Door

Fireproof doors are doors that have passed fire resistance tests. In homes, fireproof doors are typically installed at main entrances and in the kitchen. They serve the crucial function of containing the spread of fire in the event of a fire incident.

Hong Kong adheres to British (BS) and European (BS EN) standards for fire doors. These standards specify various fire resistance levels, such as one hour, two hours, four hours, etc.

Fireproof doors are made of solid materials, and the core of the door is constructed with high-density wood and non-wood fire-resistant materials. This makes fireproof doors heavier and more robust compared to regular solid doors. They excel in fire resistance, moisture resistance, and soundproofing. However, they have limited design options, are relatively expensive, and can be challenging to repair.

Customization is often required for fire doors to ensure they fit precisely into the door frame. Installers need to take accurate measurements after the construction work is complete. To avoid errors in door size, it's advisable to have the installer accompany you when purchasing the door. If you are buying the door yourself, make sure you fully understand the measurements and the direction of door opening as specified by the installer.


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