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Renovation Wiki

Preparations for Renovation

When preparing for a renovation, homeowners should consider more than just the renovation budget. They should also be aware of matters during the construction period. This includes understanding the renovation process, effective communication with the contractor, and standards for accepting deliveries. Good communication with the renovation professional beforehand can facilitate a smooth project.

Renovation Essentials

Disputes can easily arise during renovations. One of the primary reasons is a mismatch in "expectations" between clients and contractors. These "expectations" encompass charges, construction standards, and delivery acceptance standards. By paying closer attention to these three areas, both homeowners and contractors can avoid unnecessary disagreements.

Renovation Process

The critical stages of a renovation typically include demolition, plumbing and electrical, masonry, carpentry/furniture, and painting. Before starting each stage, homeowners have many factors to consider. Ensuring a smooth renovation process requires not only the punctuality and quality workmanship of the contractor but also timely communication between homeowners and contractors. It's beneficial for everyone to be well-informed about these aspects.

Renovation Dictionary

Communication with the contractor is vital during the renovation. Therefore, homeowners should familiarize themselves with renovation terminology to communicate effectively with the contractor.


For many, renovation isn't an easy task. Aside from cost considerations, the process can be quite vexing for homeowners. That's where DECOLAND comes in with its all-in-one service approach. Whether it's finding the right renovation team, designers, getting accurate quotes, or managing the project, DECOLAND is here to support.

DECOLAND is here to help you solve all your renovation worries effortlessly!

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