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Old House Renovation Tips – Balancing Safety and Aesthetics

When renovating older homes, especially those over a decade old, there are key considerations to ensure both the safety and efficacy of the renovation project.

Typically, the ten-year mark is a crucial milestone in old house renovations. For homes less than ten years old, unless there are glaring issues, major foundational work is usually unnecessary. Simple tasks like repainting and updating kitchen and bathroom fixtures often suffice. However, for houses older than ten years, it’s vital to pay closer attention to the renovation of foundational structures, particularly plumbing, electrical, and gas lines, to eliminate potential safety hazards.

During the renovation process, four critical points are essential:

1. Avoid Major Structural Changes:

Alterations involving the structure of the house could necessitate repairs in multiple other areas.

2. Prioritize Leak and Waterproofing Works:

Before undertaking other renovation tasks, it's crucial to detect and resolve any leakage issues. Leakages can lead to significant damage, so ensuring effective waterproofing measures is vital. Redoing the waterproofing of window sills, balconies, bathrooms, and exterior walls not only addresses leakage but also prevents future seepage, a key step in ensuring renovation quality.

3. Understand the Interior Structure Clearly:

Knowing the location of load-bearing/structural walls is important. For standalone self-built houses needing expansion or additional construction, it’s essential to file applications with relevant authorities.

4. Electrical and Plumbing Updates:

With the increase in home appliances, sufficient and stable power distribution is essential, along with addressing potential pipeline issues in old houses. For homes over ten years old, replacing rusted or aged pipes is crucial as old piping can affect water quality or cause blockages. These issues need proper resolution during the renovation. Additionally, updating wiring and piping facilitates future maintenance and prevents damage and interference between lines.

By following these key steps, the safety and functionality of an old house can be significantly enhanced, breathing new life into the property.


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