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"No Main Light" Design

The traditional concept of a primary central light source has evolved as people's interior lighting design aspirations grow. The "No Main Light" design has emerged as a popular trend in recent years, enabling even illumination without any blind spots and adding depth to spaces. So, is your home suitable for this design?

1. What is the "No Main Light" Design?

In this approach, a room's illumination doesn't rely solely on large-brightness fixtures like chandeliers or ceiling lights. Ditching the conventional primary light, the "No Main Light" design uses a combination of various lighting fixtures to provide ample illumination.

2. Common Fixtures in "No Main Light" Design

Recessed lights, strip lights, downlights, track lights, floor lamps, and wall lights cater to different illumination needs, such as basic lighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting. Combining different fixtures results in a more comfortable and comprehensive lighting system.

3. Traditional Main Light

The design and planning for traditional main lights are straightforward and less challenging, leading to a cost-effective solution. However, a single primary light often fails to hierarchically illuminate a space or eliminate blind spots.

4. Benefits of the "No Main Light" Design

Depending on the illumination and lifestyle needs of different areas in a home, various lighting fixtures are used. Unlike traditional main lights that only offer basic illumination, the "No Main Light" design provides even, hierarchical, and blind-spot-free lighting, creating a space with a layered atmosphere.

5. Things to Note in "No Main Light" Design

Apart from higher costs, the design and installation process is also more complex. Designs should be calculated based on the overall space and lifestyle habits. Planning for light channels, switches, and wiring needs to be completed before the renovation. Making adjustments or changes later can be challenging.

6. Is the "No Main Light" Design Suitable for Your Home?

The size of your home and the height of the ceilings can influence whether this design is apt. Before renovating, decide on the overall style, color palette, and furniture placement in your home. Then, integrating the "No Main Light" design will help craft a functional yet aesthetically pleasing living space.


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