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Newbie Renovation FAQs: Things to Know About Wall Cabinet Installation

Every household likely has several wall cabinets, prized for their impressive storage capability. However, improper installation can lead to a potential collapse, especially concerning homes with children.

From time to time, we hear complaints from netizens about wall cabinets that collapsed after just a year or two due to improper installation. In fact, before mounting large furniture on walls, it's essential to consider the cabinet material, wall structure, and to use appropriate screws to ensure safety even when loaded with heavy items. Most importantly, always choose a reliable renovation company!

1. Wall Structure

Not all walls are suitable for wall cabinet installations. Improper installation or overloading can result in a collapse or even jeopardize the building's structural safety. Before deciding where to install a wall cabinet, inspect the wall's structure. If the wall is made of hollow bricks, wood, plasterboard, etc., it's not suitable for heavy-duty cabinets. If the cabinet depth exceeds 500 mm, it's best to ensure that more than one load-bearing wall is supporting it to prevent it from tilting forward. Also, check if the wall is smooth, free from visible cracks, and does not house obstructing wires or pipes.

2. Cabinet Material

The thicker the back panel, the greater the load-bearing and tensile strength. If intended to carry heavy items, it's advised that the cabinet backboard is at least 12mm thick. All screws must be tightened, ensuring the entire cabinet and back panel are flush against the wall or ceiling.

3. Installation

The number of screws affects weight distribution; more screws mean more evenly dispersed strength. Typically, professionals will fix "explosion screws" at the four corners of the cabinet base for stability. These screws expand within the wall, providing a tight grip and increasing load capacity. There are different types of explosion screws, each with its own advantages and installation methods. If the cabinet is close to a wall or ceiling, four regular screws are added to each surface to distribute the weight, with the actual specifications depending on the cabinet's size and weight capacity.


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