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New House Renovation | 40 Detailed Design Tips [Dining Room]

The dining room is a place where family members gather for daily meals and entertain friends and relatives. It emphasizes comfort and warmth, requiring sufficient space for movement, ample lighting, and atmospheric lighting effects.

1️⃣ Consider a Dining Sideboard if Space Allows

The design of a dining sideboard can vary in terms of style and functionality, depending on the homeowner's lifestyle. A sideboard with concealed doors can enhance storage space. Leaving a gap in the middle allows for the placement of small items or trendy appliances like a home coffee machine, and don't forget to include electrical outlets. Wine racks or glass display cabinets are also commonly used options.

2️⃣ Limited Dining Room Space

For smaller dining areas, consider a fixed booth-style seating arrangement instead of a traditional dining table. The seating area beneath can serve as storage space, and you can incorporate overhead cabinets to maximize multi-purpose storage.

3️⃣ Selecting the Dining Table

A round table is a classic choice, perfect for gatherings of multiple people and conducive to comfortable conversations. However, it can be space-consuming. For most families of 3-4 people, a square or rectangular table is practical, easy to place, and butterfly tables are particularly common, allowing you to extend or shorten the tabletop as needed. In recent years, custom-made extendable folding tables have become popular for smaller homes. They can be fully stored inside cabinets when not in use, providing versatility and saving space.

4️⃣ Dining Table Light Fixture Height

Traditional dining rooms often use ceiling-mounted lights primarily for practical illumination. In recent years, there's a trend toward luxurious or industrial-style pendant lights, which enhance the design aesthetics and ambiance. Pay attention to the distance between the pendant light and the dining table, which should be around 75-120 cm. When it comes to the color temperature of the light, a warm color of around 3000K is recommended for a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

5️⃣ Dining Room and Kitchen Island

The popularity of open-concept kitchens has led to the emergence of kitchen islands, which serve as a transition between the dining room and the kitchen, providing additional workspace in the kitchen. A kitchen island can sometimes replace the need for a dining table, especially in smaller homes, where meals can be enjoyed directly at the island. In larger homes, a separate dining table is often placed alongside the island. The size of the island can be customized to fit the layout and storage needs of the kitchen.


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