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New Home Renovation | 40 Detailed Design Tips [Living Room Edition]

The living room is the focal point of any home renovation, where furniture and decor play a significant role in both functionality and aesthetics. Here are some key things to consider:

1. Choose Furniture Dimensions Based on the Living Room Size

Start with selecting your sofa and consider the width of your living room, ensuring an optimal viewing distance from the TV. If space allows, you can even opt for a projector and screen.

2. Provide Power Outlets on Both Sides of the Sofa

This makes it convenient for various devices like floor lamps, air purifiers, and chargers. You may also consider outlets with USB ports for easy phone charging.

3. Design the TV Cabinet

Opt for a sleek, low-profile TV cabinet to create a sense of space. Taller cabinets or cabinets with both upper and lower sections offer extra storage. A cabinet depth of approximately 30-40cm, along with built-in lighting and glass doors, can enhance the design.

4. Consider False Ceilings and Lighting

False ceilings or ceiling coves can conceal structural beams while adding built-in lighting. This functional lighting can define the space, create layers, set the mood, and provide ambient illumination. Ensure a gap of 200-300mm between the false ceiling panel and the actual ceiling to allow for proper light diffusion.

5. Incorporate Recessed and Spotlights

Instead of relying on a single overhead light fixture, which can be monotonous, consider a combination of recessed lights and spotlights. Recessed lights offer soft, ambient illumination, while spotlights provide focused lighting for specific areas or decor.

6. Furniture Depth and Height

In smaller spaces with lower ceilings, opt for slim and low-profile furniture. For example, use waist-high cabinets with wall-mounted shelves instead of tall cabinets to create a visually open and spacious feeling.

7. Color Combinations

Choose light colors for walls and furniture to make the space feel larger and brighter, especially in small, low-light apartments.

8. Flooring Material Consideration

Select flooring based on your family's needs. Tiles are durable and easy to maintain but can feel cold and slippery. Wood floors are warm and less slippery but require higher maintenance. Consider your family's comfort and lifestyle when choosing flooring.

9.Furniture Placement and Spacing

In typical layouts, furniture is placed against walls to maximize space. However, in larger square-shaped living rooms, you can consider placing the sofa and TV away from the walls and use furniture or decor to create zones and define spaces.


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