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New Home Renovation | 40 Detailed Design Tips [Entryway Edition]

When it comes to designing your new home renovation, you might have plenty of ideas to turn it into your dream house. However, it's essential to prioritize and not overlook the most crucial elements. Decoland has gathered insights from several professional designers to compile 40 essential details for your new home renovation!

In a series of six parts, we'll introduce one aspect each week. In the first part, we'll focus on the entryway, a crucial space in any home. Given the limited space in Hong Kong homes, the entryway serves as a buffer between the indoor and outdoor areas and should combine functionality and aesthetics.

1️⃣ Regardless of the size of your entryway, having storage space is essential. Shoe cabinets are a common choice for added storage. If you have enough space, consider a tall C-shaped cabinet with a shoe bench, coat hooks, and a full-length mirror.

2️⃣ When designing shoe cabinet compartments, aim for a height of approximately 30cm for each section. Lower compartments (15-20CM) are suitable for slippers, while higher compartments (30-40CM) can accommodate short boots. If possible, incorporate adjustable shelves for varying shoe heights; if the depth is limited, consider slanted shelves.

3️⃣ Leave a 15cm gap between the shoe cabinet and the floor for easy access to frequently worn shoes. Create a designated area for changing shoes with a shoe bench, where indoor slippers can be stored underneath.

4️⃣ Install coat hooks at a height of approximately 140-180CM, and tabletop storage at a height of around 25-60CM.

5️⃣ When designing the doors for your shoe cabinet, consider using louvered or grid-style doors to provide ventilation and airflow. You can create a C-shaped configuration in the center or separate the top and bottom compartments for a more open feel. The bottom can be used for storing small items or decorative pieces.

6️⃣ Choose the flooring material for your entryway based on your style and interior design. It can match the flooring in the adjacent areas or feature distinctive elements like special-shaped or patterned tiles, marble, or even dark-colored wood to enhance durability.

7️⃣ Entryways often lack natural light, so proper lighting design is crucial. Consider using recessed lights, spotlights, LED strips, and decide between cool white or warm white lighting, depending on the overall atmosphere you want to create.

8️⃣ Ensure there are electrical outlets in the entryway, particularly on tabletop surfaces. This allows for convenient phone charging and the use of electronic devices or decorative items that require power.

9️⃣ For larger spaces, you can install motion sensor lights, especially in homes like village houses with small entryways. Use voice-activated or smart motion sensors for added convenience.


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