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Moisture-Proofing Your Home

In home renovation and maintenance, particularly in the humid conditions of places like Hong Kong, moisture-proofing is a critical aspect. This article offers practical tips for protecting your walls and floors from moisture, ensuring your home stays fresh and healthy.

Wall Moisture-Proofing

1. Waterproof Coating: For bathroom walls, it's advisable to apply a waterproof coating up to 30 cm high from the ground. This should cover not just the shower area but the entire bathroom to prevent moisture and mold.

2. Avoid Wooden Materials: It's best to avoid using wood in bathrooms as it easily absorbs moisture and warps. Opt for waterproof alternatives like plastic or ceramic tiles.

3. Furniture Protection: If you must use wood furniture in the bathroom, ensure the walls are coated with a waterproof layer and place a moisture barrier under furniture areas. Wipe with a dry towel regularly and avoid direct sunlight.

Floor Moisture-Proofing

1. Slip-Resistant Materials: For kitchen floors, choose slip-resistant tiles or full-body tiles that are not only easy to clean but also prevent water infiltration.

2. Durable Flooring: Since the floor can be a breeding ground for mold, opt for durable wooden flooring sealed with wax after installation to maintain its moisture-resistant qualities. Regularly wipe the floor with a dry or well-wrung towel to keep it dry and prevent warping and mold due to humidity.

Additional Moisture-Proofing Tips

- As of post-renovation stage, use baking soda, laundry powder, or coffee grounds in daily life to absorb moisture and prevent mold growth.

- For mold spots on walls, gently wipe with bleach or apply it to moldy areas for effective removal.

Moisture-proofing is essential in home renovation and maintenance. By selecting the right materials and performing regular upkeep, you can ensure your home remains clean, healthy, and free from the troubles of dampness and mold. With proper moisture-proofing measures, your home will be more durable and comfortable to live in.


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