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Mind Lunar New Year Taboos to Welcome Good Fortune!

As we approach the Lunar New Year, various taboos and customs are traditionally observed to ensure a prosperous year ahead. Here are some key considerations to help everyone ring in a year of good luck.

1. Pre - Lunar New Year Cleaning: Banishing Bad Luck

Before the New Year, most families undertake a thorough cleaning to rid their homes of any ill-fortune and to ensure that the upcoming year starts afresh, leaving bad luck behind. However, keep in mind:

  • Avoid major renovations: Before and during the Lunar New Year, renovations such as drilling into walls or groundbreaking, should be avoided to maintain family stability and peace.

  • Do not rearrange carelessly: After cleaning, return all moved furniture to its original place, especially religious statues, to preserve the balance of Feng Shui.

2. First four days: Retaining Wealth

During the first four days of the Lunar New Year, it is inadvisable to clean the house as it is believed that wealth should be preserved, not swept away with the good fortune. If you couldn't clean before the New Year, wait until the fifth day to start.

3. Fifth Day of the Year: Disposing of Bad Luck

The fifth day is for sending away the God of Poverty and welcoming the God of Wealth. Collect all garbage from the first four days, keeping it aside to be thrown out on the fifth day. This symbolizes sending away poverty and misfortune to better welcome the arrival of wealth.

4. Other Small Superstitions
  • Avoid using scissors: During the New Year, refrain from using scissors to prevent cutting off good luck.

  • Keep the rice container full: Ensure that your rice container is full, symbolizing an abundance of food.

  • Replace old spring couplets with new: Spring couplets are symbols of the New Year, so discard the old and put up new ones to welcome fresh hopes and beginnings.

Whether you strictly adhere to these customs or not, they reflect a universal wish for good fortune and happiness. Let's share in the spirit of this special festival and wish each other a happy New Year, full of prosperity!


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