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How to Inspect Bathroom Waterproofing?

Ensuring your new home is leak-free goes beyond just knowing construction terms; it's crucial to understand how to inspect the work done. Let's delve into the key considerations for bathroom waterproofing!

Waterproofing, similar to plumbing and electrical works, falls under the category of "concealed works" in home renovations. These are parts of the construction that aren't immediately visible. Before installing a bathtub or shower stall, it's imperative to ensure that waterproofing is correctly done. Poor waterproofing can result in issues like water seepage, and fixing it might require tearing down the finished surface, redoing it, and even compensating the neighbor downstairs for damages. Hence, thorough waterproofing is of utmost importance!

1. Visual Inspection:

After the bathroom surfaces are smoothed out and cleaned from debris, the workers should apply at least two layers of waterproofing. This waterproof base should be even, smooth, crack-free, and without any granular texture. Once it's dried, you can pour water on the floor to test its draining capability.

2. Water Retention Test:

Block the drain and build a temporary barrier at the door. Pour water onto the floor until it reaches about 10cm deep and mark the water level. After letting it sit for 24 hours, drain the water. If the walls remain dry without any trace of moisture, it indicates successful waterproofing. Additionally, inspect the ceiling of the room directly below for any signs of seepage. If any issues are detected, the entire waterproofing process needs to be redone and inspected again.

According to the Building Department guidelines: Residential bathrooms should have waterproofing on both the floor and walls. The waterproof material should cover the entire floor and extend to at least 300mm high on every wall. For bathtubs and shower stalls, the waterproofing membrane should further extend to a minimum height of 1800mm on the surrounding walls.


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