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How to Choose the Right Renovation Contractor?

Selecting the right renovation contractor is much like choosing a romantic partner. There are various factors to consider. Just because a contractor has an "external appeal" (for example, aesthetically pleasing past projects or offers a competitive rate) doesn't necessarily mean they're the right fit for you. Renovations require communication; misunderstandings can make the process tedious. But with the myriad of contractors out there, which type is right for you?

Based on their services and company type, different contractors have varied pricing. Naturally, the more comprehensive the services, the higher the cost.

Hands-on / Site Supervisors: They are directly involved in certain tasks (like plumbing, masonry, carpentry) or manage the project, subcontracting various tasks to specialists.


- Rich renovation experience.

- Cost-effective.


- Average communication skills.

- Typically, don't offer design advice.

Ideal For:

Those on a tight budget or those who already have a design in mind and just need a contractor to realize it.

Renovation Companies: These are more structured businesses with design assistants offering advice.


- Better communication.

- More robust support.

- Capable of producing aesthetically pleasing designs.


- Typically pricier than hands-on contractors.

Ideal For:

Those with a more flexible budget who need advice on arrangements or color schemes.

Design Firms: These have professional designers and project management teams, offering end-to-end management. They can advise on space utilization, color, furniture arrangements, etc.


- Excellent communication.

- Direct point of contact with the designer, so no need to deal with construction issues.


- Tend to be more expensive.

Ideal For:

Those who are particular about design, have a generous renovation budget, and don't have the time to handle the intricacies of a renovation project.

In conclusion, DECOLAND suggests not focusing solely on price when considering renovations. While there's no set market standard for the highest or lowest renovation costs, it's essential to determine if you and the contractor "click." Given that a standard full-house renovation takes at least three months, close communication is vital. If you don't get along, the entire renovation can become a painful experience, potentially affecting the project's timeline. Hence, before committing to a renovation company, it's always best to communicate!


For many, renovation isn't an easy task. Aside from cost considerations, the process can be quite vexing for homeowners. That's where DECOLAND comes in with its all-in-one service approach. Whether it's finding the right renovation team, designers, getting accurate quotes, or managing the project, DECOLAND is here to support.

DECOLAND is here to help you solve all your renovation worries effortlessly!

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