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Home Feng Shui Arrangements | 12 Home Feng Shui Taboos (Part 2)

In the realm of home feng shui arrangements, we continue to explore key considerations with the following six points:

7. Beam Above the Bed

Avoid having a beam directly above your bed, as this is a common feng shui concern. Beams overhead can create a sense of pressure and potentially impact your health, mental state, or career luck.


Adjust the positioning of your bed so that it's not directly beneath noticeable beams.

8. Toilet in the Center of the House

Placing the bathroom in the center of your home can disrupt the overall flow of energy and potentially lead to issues like poor drainage, ventilation problems (windowless bathrooms), and prolonged dampness, which can adversely affect your health.


Keep the bathroom well-ventilated and consider enhancing the airflow, possibly through the use of indoor plants like golden pothos.

9. Persistent Bathroom Humidity

Long-term bathroom humidity can negatively impact feng shui and hinder the accumulation of wealth.


Ensure proper bathroom ventilation and maintain a clean, odor-free environment to promote good feng shui.

10. Living Room Without Windows

The living room is considered the focal point for accumulating wealth in feng shui. If it lacks windows and natural light, it may hinder the inflow and accumulation of wealth energy.


If your living room doesn't have windows, you can compensate by using additional lighting fixtures and incorporating reflective metallic materials in your interior design to enhance brightness.

11. Absence of a Balcony

Balconies are thought to symbolize earning capacity (front balcony) and saving capacity (rear balcony). The absence of a balcony may hinder the flow of good luck into your home.


If you don't have a balcony, place indoor green plants near windows and open them regularly to improve air circulation and promote positive feng shui.

12. Using Plants to Enhance Feng Shui

Besides avoiding the mentioned feng shui taboos, placing green plants inside your home is considered an effective way to enhance feng shui. Green plants can create a harmonious atmosphere, improve overall luck, stabilize emotions, and help purify the air. It's a multi-benefit approach to enhancing your home's energy flow.


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