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Guide to Children's Bed Styles and Designs

When it comes to designing children's beds, there are numerous factors that parents need to consider. DECOLAND recommends that before making a choice, parents should think about aspects like room size, the age of the child, the number of users of the room, safety, functionality, durability, play space, and the child's interests and preferences. Besides the classic single-layer and bunk beds, there are also various innovative children's bed designs in recent years.

1. Single Layer Bed (下層床):

The classic single-layer bed is the most common children's bed design, suitable for children of all ages. Safety during sleeping and getting on/off the bed should be a primary consideration.

2. Platform Bed (地台床):

Raising the entire room's floor can effectively increase storage space and provide clearer room partitions. Though the even platform is also a play area for kids, the varying heights may not be suitable for toddlers.

3. Mid-height Combination Bed (半高組合床):

This design is a bed on top with storage below, with a height of around 60-90cm. Since it's elevated, it's recommended for children aged 5 or above.

4. High-rise Combination Bed (高身組合床):

Similar to the mid-height bed but with a height of 140-160cm. The space underneath can be utilized as wardrobes, bookshelves, or desks, ideal for primary school children. It's a popular choice for rooms with limited space.

5. Bunk Bed (上下床):

A typical design suitable for two children sharing a room. Staircase options include regular ladders or more extensive stair designs, depending on room size.

6. T-shaped Combination Bed (丁字床組合):

Designed to maximize room space. The person on the bottom bed feels less constricted. It's an ideal design when a child shares a room with an adult.

7. Playful Combination Bed (玩味組合床):

This design integrates playground elements like slides, promoting physical development and exploration. However, as children grow older, they might lose interest in these playful elements.

8. Platform Combination Bed (地台組合床):

A design that incorporates a storage platform with an upper bed, suitable for 2-3 children sharing a room. It provides ample storage and optimizes space usage.


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