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Experience Timeless Romance with European Classical Style

Embrace the classic charm of European royalty with European classical interior design. Here are three tips to create that European classical ambiance:

European classical design features a palette of rich and saturated colors, often complemented by gold or silver accents. These intense hues enhance the nobility and elegance of classical furniture. Incorporate vivid colors to create a sense of opulence.

Use materials like crystal, marble, large mirrors, and metallic accents to add to the grandeur of the space. Combine these with plush upholstered furniture, elegant curtains, and lush carpets to create a sense of refined beauty. These soft furnishings contrast beautifully with the opulent materials.

European classical design is known for its intricate detailing. Look for furniture adorned with elaborate carvings, scrollwork, and shell motifs. Some pieces may even feature gold leaf embellishments. Adorn your walls with paintings of landscapes, portraits, and scenes from nature to evoke the classical atmosphere.


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