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Essential Kitchen Design Details for New Homes

"Food is essential to life; therefore, make it good." No matter whether your new home decor is minimalistic or luxurious, the most crucial space in the home and the place where most items need to be stored is undoubtedly the kitchen. In "New Home Decoration, 40 Detailed Designs," this time, we guide you through critical design details that are often overlooked in the kitchen.

1. Kitchen Workflow Planning

It's recommended to design the kitchen layout in the order of "fetch-wash-chop-prep-cook-serve." Starting from taking out ingredients from the fridge to washing at the sink, chopping, prepping, cooking, and finally serving. This sequence ensures a seamless flow, minimizing back-and-forth movement. The countertop space between the washing and cooking areas should be at least 80cm for comfortable food preparation.

2. Top-Middle-Bottom Storage

For overhead cabinets, a depth of around 30cm and a height of about 70cm is suggested. For base cabinets, a height between 80cm to 90cm and a standard depth of 60cm are recommended, which can be adjusted based on the homeowner's height. The middle section of the wall can also be utilized by adding hooks or shelves, ensuring maximum usage of the top, middle, and bottom sections.

3. Base Cabinet Corner Storage

For the bottom section of the cabinet, consider installing movable hardware to enhance storage, like straight pull-out baskets or carousel corner pull-outs. They offer stronger storage solutions compared to regular shelves, minimizing wasted space.

4. Overhead Cabinet Baskets

Overhead cabinets are positioned high and might be challenging to access. Installing pull-down baskets is a good idea. These are perfect for storing lighter items like snacks or condiments, offering quick and convenient access.

5. Wall Maintenance

While cooking, it's inevitable to splatter or spill. Especially above the stove, consider using stainless steel sheets, glass panels, or other smooth materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

6. Kitchen Lighting

Apart from ceiling lights, it's advisable to install lighting under the overhead cabinets to eliminate shadows and dark corners. Spotlights or LED strips are both stylish and functional choices.

7. Built-in Appliances

If the kitchen space is limited, it's recommended to opt for built-in appliances like dishwashers or steam ovens. Pre-designating spaces for them ensures that every inch of the room is utilized efficiently.


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