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Effective Methods for Moisture Control

For those living near mountains or the seaside, the return of the humid season can be quite dreadful. The entire house's windows and walls become so damp that they drip with water, and the floors are so moist that they become reflective.

Apart from the weather, poor ventilation is also a significant cause of indoor humidity. When the indoor temperature is higher than the outdoor temperature, moisture will appear.

Apart from dehumidifiers, there are also several natural remedies to address the humidity problem at home:

1) Old Newspapers - The ink on newspapers has a water-absorbing effect. Placing them on the floor can naturally absorb moisture, helping to resolve ground dampness.

2) Bamboo Charcoal - Household activated charcoal or regular charcoal bags are another moisture-absorbing gem. They can be placed in shoe cabinets or wardrobes to regulate humidity, reduce the chances of dampness and mold, help eliminate odors, and can be reused.

3) Scented Candles - Lighting candles can reduce indoor humidity, helping to eliminate moldy smells and prevent condensation.

4) Baking Soda - Apart from its stain-removing properties, baking soda also has moisture-absorbing capabilities and can even clean mold. Place baking soda in a container, cover it with a cloth, and it can be used as a dehumidifier.

5) Mopping with Warm Saltwater - The magnesium chloride and calcium chloride in table salt have water-absorbing properties that can speed up evaporation. Moreover, warm water evaporates faster than cold water. By adding a little table salt to warm water and mopping the floor with it, the floor can stay dry for a more extended period.

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