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Don’t want your living room to be too boring? Try decorating your TV wall like this!

For the design of the entire living room space, the TV background is an important part that cannot be ignored. The most intuitive difference in the design of the TV background wall is the material. Different materials show very different effects and textures.

1. Use latex paint to create a simple white space design

Latex paint is not only affordable and forms a film quickly, but also has the advantages of good air permeability, environmental protection, no odor, and washability. It is one of the most cost-effective materials for TV background walls. For simple and Nordic decoration styles, TV walls can use latex paint to create a simple and generous atmosphere. In design, different colors are often selected for local decoration to form a whole with the color matching of the entire living room space, or decorative objects are used to enhance the design sense of the entire space.

2. Choose wallpaper with rich patterns and colors

Wallpaper can not only fill in the shapes outlined by lines, but also customize unique patterns. Compared with latex paint, wallpaper has richer patterns and better texture. Depending on the color and pattern, it can easily match a variety of decoration styles.

3. Use hardcover background to create a high-end luxury feel

Background walls made of hard-packed materials are generally used in decoration styles that require high quality materials. Background walls made of hard-packed materials have a better texture and are not easy to get dirty. Background walls made of hard-packed materials are generally used in decoration styles that require high quality materials, such as neoclassical, French, European, classical American, and light luxury styles.

4. Rock slab walls are durable and easy to clean

The rock slab background wall is beautiful and comfortable to the touch. Compared with traditional natural stone, the rock slab has the smooth texture and natural texture of stone, and is durable and easy to clean. The interlaced texture of light and dark can also bring artistic atmosphere, and can create a noble and high-end home space. It is very suitable for modern minimalist style, European style and new Chinese style.

5. Fresh and simple wood finish

Wood veneer is also a popular material for TV wall backgrounds, such as decorating the entire wall with wood veneer or the side with wood veneer. Wood board is light, fresh and natural. It is matched with wooden furniture and wooden flooring to create a natural and comfortable design atmosphere. It is suitable for Chinese, Japanese or minimalist style decoration, and has a strong natural feel.


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