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DIY Air Conditioner Cleaning & Maintenance

With the intense heat of summer upon us, and perspiration making things uncomfortable, have you all started using your air conditioners?

However, after a long autumn and winter season, your air conditioner accumulates a significant amount of dust inside. Neglecting its cleaning and maintenance not only affects its efficiency but can also breed bacteria, leading to air pollution and potential allergies. To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your air conditioner, DECOLAND urges you to give it a thorough cleaning.

Before starting the cleaning process, gather the following items: air conditioner foam cleaner, a mixture of baking soda + vinegar + water, a soft brush, a cloth, a vacuum cleaner, and a spray bottle.

DIY Air Conditioner Cleaning Steps:

1. Turn off the power to the air conditioner.

2. Remove the outer casing, air outlet blades, and filter. Soak them in the baking soda + vinegar + water mixture and scrub gently using the soft brush.

3. Vacuum the indoor unit/dust off the cooling coils.

4. Spray the foam cleaner onto the cooling coils to dissolve dirt.

5. Once the cleaner has dissolved the grime, spray with clean water (the dirty water will drain out).

6. Wait for 20 minutes to dry thoroughly.

7. Reattach the outer casing, air outlet blades, and filter.

8. Turn on the air conditioner.

After a deep cleaning session, it's recommended to perform a basic cleaning and maintenance routine for your air conditioner twice a month.


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