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Dictionary of Renovation

Wall Treatment Section

A process of removing old latex paint and loosening base plaster to ensure the durability of newly applied paint.

Example: Some older walls can hide dozens of layers of plaster. It might not be possible for the primer to penetrate all at once, requiring multiple rounds of scraping. Craftsmen might charge extra for this.

Example: Don't think scraping must expose the base. Scraping down to the concrete might require chiseling the wall, and re-plastering might not necessarily be better than the original.


The process of smoothing the wall after scraping.

Example: Re-plastering usually involves three layers, waiting for each layer to dry before applying the next.

「Patch Plastering」

A method of locally removing old paint, re-plastering, and repainting, mostly suitable for new buildings.

Example: If the original plastering is decent, there's no need to scrape. Just patch plaster and sand the wall, and then directly apply latex paint.


Part of the masonry work, it means using plaster or similar materials to make the wall even and straight.

Example: Leveling provides a smooth base for subsequent work, and also protects the wall while offering insulation and soundproofing.

「Paper Plaster」

The layer between the concrete and the base plaster.

Example: "Paper Plaster" is named because it contains components similar to tissue paper. In recent years, it's gradually been replaced by sprayed or mortar leveling.

「Sand Hole」

Pores that appear due to uneven plastering.

Example: If sand holes are visible, you can use sandpaper to smooth out the wall's surface.


Applying a high-strength fiberglass anti-crack grid cloth to the wall.

Example: Applying mesh on seams can reinforce walls and effectively prevent cracks.

*Note: General painting stage might not include mesh application. Depending on project needs and budget, there might be an extra charge.

「Corner Beading」

Corners made by wrapping wall edges with protective plastic strips and then plastering, resulting in straight and sharp edges.

Example: After the corner beading, you won't even notice its presence. You'll just find that the edges are sharper and look better!

*Note: General painting stage might not include corner beading. Depending on project needs and budget, it might be an extra charge.

False Ceiling Section
「False Ceiling」

Creating a new ceiling below the existing one using construction materials.

Example: A false ceiling can cover unsightly old structures, enhancing the overall aesthetics.

「Ceiling Grid」

The main structure supporting the false ceiling, typically made of aluminum or iron.

Example: There are visible and concealed ceiling grids. When hung at the appropriate height, they ensure the entire false ceiling remains level.

「Recessed Light」

An integrated, slim-profile lighting fixture that can be installed above a false ceiling.

Example: Installing recessed lights can reduce the oppressive feeling of a false ceiling, greatly enhancing the sense of space.

Bathroom Section
「Wet-Dry Partition」

A design where the shower area is separated from the rest of the bathroom, ensuring the bathroom stays dry for longer periods.

Example: Using a wet-dry partition design can prevent bacterial growth due to prolonged dampness, making the space cleaner and easier to clean.

「Tempered Glass」

A type of safety glass that's been specially treated to be 3 to 5 times stronger than regular glass in terms of compression, impact, and temperature change resistance.

Example: When tempered glass is damaged, it breaks into dull, honeycomb-like pieces, reducing the risk of injury. While tempered glass is more robust than regular glass, it still poses a risk of breaking upon severe impact.


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