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Timeless and Evolving: Wood as a Decor Material

Wood, known for its natural beauty and unique texture, is a beloved material that brings a sense of warmth and comfort. In interior design, wood is frequently used for manufacturing furniture, decorating walls, and laying floors, adding texture and warmth to living spaces.

With technological advancements, more materials can now replicate the texture and effects of wood. Some common types of wood and wood-like materials include:

Shou Sugi Ban (or Yakisugi):

A traditional Japanese wood preservation technique achieved by charring the surface of the wood. This process provides decay, pest, and fire resistance, enhancing the wood's durability and offering a unique appearance and texture.

Wood Veneer:

A very thin slice of wood, often glued to other materials. It allows for an economical way to showcase the genuine look of wood in furniture and interior decoration while helping to conserve wood and reduce costs.

Wood Grain Board:

A board with a natural wood texture. It offers the appearance and feel of natural wood but is usually more economical and durable than solid wood.

Wood Terrazzo:

A composite material combining wood fragments with cement or resin. It blends the aesthetic appeal of wood with the sturdiness and durability of other materials and is easy to maintain.


A natural material from cork oak trees, known for its unique cellular structure. Cork is an excellent sound insulating material with natural antibacterial properties and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for flooring.

Particle Board (or Chipboard):

Made from wood chips, sawdust, and synthetic resin. It offers heat insulation, sound absorption, and moisture resistance, more economical than other types of boards, and is easy to shape and process, commonly used for indoor partitions and sound-absorbing wall decorations.

These diverse types of wood and wood-like products, whether traditional or innovative, eco-friendly, cost-effective, or aesthetically pleasing and durable, offer suitable solutions for various interior design needs.


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