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Decoding Wall Feature Materials!

Cultured Stone

The rugged texture of faux old red brick cultured stone is essential for creating an industrial style, while the pristine white brick variant complements Nordic and even minimalist home designs. Cultured stone is easy to install, but it has a high water absorption rate, making it unsuitable for bathroom walls. Moreover, it's advised not to let the cultured stone occupy too large a proportion of the space, or it may give a claustrophobic feel.

Wooden Wall Panels

Available in various textures and colors, wooden wall panels exude warmth and suit diverse styles. They can be uniquely arranged using differently colored and shaped wooden blocks, forming textured patterns that elevate the ambiance of a home.

Stone-patterned Tiles

Natural stone can be expensive. In contrast, stone-patterned tiles are more affordable, easy to maintain, stain and moisture-resistant, and highly realistic. They come in virtually any design you can think of, effortlessly creating a luxurious look. Before installation, consider the pattern repetition frequency and printing resolution to maximize the visual effect.

Artistic Paint

Emerging in recent years, artistic paint can easily replicate finishes like marble, concrete, and metal, transforming an ordinary wall into a visual centerpiece. It's important to note that the application method for artistic paint differs from regular paint. Different patterns might require specific tools. Ensure you communicate your desired effect with the painter in advance.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth offers humidity control, odor removal, and air-purifying benefits. It can be tinted in various colors, creating a modest and elegant natural style. Its smooth, matte ceramic-like finish appeals to many who love a laid-back decor style.

Wallpaper/Wall Fabric

Using wallpaper as a feature wall offers greater flexibility than covering an entire room. Recently, there's been a trend towards using repositionable wall fabrics, which are more durable, moisture and mold-resistant than wallpapers. They also come in a broader range of styles and materials.


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