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Complete Guide to Entryway Design

The entryway serves as a buffer zone between the outside world and the interior of a home. The design of this space plays a crucial role in making the first impression on visitors. Many people, considering either feng shui or aesthetics, opt to include screens in their entryways to serve as light partitions. From a practicality standpoint, storage areas or other special features might be incorporated. Glass is a top choice for partition materials due to its translucency, which helps reduce the oppressive feeling of confined spaces, while also serving as a decorative element.

1. Screens

Screens are commonly used in entryway designs. Among the most popular types is laminated glass with simple vertical frosting stripes. This design allows light to penetrate without revealing what's behind, creating a sense of depth and a misty ambiance. Screens with rounded corners or irregular rectangular frosted glass, combined with wood grain materials, can enhance the design's overall appeal.

2. Half-Wall with Glass

Another popular choice for entryway design is a half-wall topped with glass. This not only clearly demarcates the space but also ensures that light can permeate, reducing any feelings of confinement.

3. Storage Area

Implementing a storage area in the entryway, such as a half-height cabinet combined with glass, greatly enhances the space's utility while maintaining an open and bright atmosphere in the adjoining living room.

4. Shoe Changing Area

Given that the entryway is the primary spot for entering and leaving the home, designs increasingly incorporate a dedicated area for changing shoes. This not only offers high utility but also caters to the growing hygiene concerns of Hong Kong residents, ensuring that shoes are left at the entryway before entering the main living space.

5. Separate Area

For larger homes, consider using glass doors or sliding doors as partitions to turn the entryway into an entirely separate space. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, this can effectively prevent noise and dust from the opening and closing of doors from reaching the living room and other parts of the house.


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