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Communicate with the Designer

1️⃣ Avoid being too vague in communication with the designer.

Simply knowing what you dislike and not being able to articulate what you like can be a challenge. For instance, saying "I like minimalist style, industrial style is okay too, everything's good.”

2️⃣ Avoid blindly following trends and forgetting personal needs.

Remember, design should be based on individual needs and preferences. Forcing different design elements together can result in a mismatched look.

3️⃣ Provide diverse reference materials.

The examples you provide can extend beyond interior design. The aim is to identify your preferences through discussion with the designer.

💡 Is it appropriate to give example photos to the designer?

Example photos can only convey style and preferences. Homeowners should reflect on their lifestyle since everyone's needs are different, and the design will vary accordingly. Designers will draw upon the homeowner's needs to sketch the desired aesthetic of life. Thus, homeowners should discuss their lifestyle needs and preferences without rushing to decide on design details and colors.

💡 How to understand the reasons behind favored colors?

Taking the industrial style as an example, it mainly uses raw material colors. The primary hues are different shades and textures of gray, black, brown, etc. The reason behind liking this might be the appreciation for durable, raw materials and a love for a simple and robust ambiance.

💡 Is there a relation between color matching and renovation expenses?

Color matching is divided into hardware and software. Most design work concerns the color of the hardware, such as building materials, finishes, paint, etc. Soft furnishings, such as furniture and lighting, might not be included in the design budget unless specified. If homeowners have specific soft furnishings in mind, it's advisable to mention them during the design discussions for better coordination. However, if they require the designer's assistance in purchasing, additional consultation fees might apply.

💡 Color matching and lighting: what to consider in the communication process?

Since everyone perceives light and brightness differently, some people might prefer intense lighting, while others might be sensitive to it. Before considering space design, one should first understand their own light perception. Then, discuss with the designer the main color tones, followed by arranging the quantity of lights, whether they should be white or warm, and other conditions.


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