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Combatting High Humidity: Five Quick Solutions

With the onset of the humid season in Hong Kong, not only do people feel more tired, but the excessive moisture can also cause dampness and mold to form on walls and other items at home. Here are 5 quick solutions to address home issues caused by humidity:

1. Moldy Walls

When humidity rises, the home environment suffers, especially with mold forming on walls, fostering bacteria growth. To address this, first wipe down the wall with a dry cloth, then wipe it again using alcohol to prevent future mold growth.

2. Musty Odor

Using fans or dehumidifiers can reduce the musty smell caused by humidity at home. Alternatively, consider lighting some aromatic candles. Not only will they help in reducing the moisture and eliminating the odor, but the fragrance they release also creates a comforting ambiance that helps one relax.

3. Moldy Clothes

Moldy clothes not only look bad and emit a foul smell but prolonged contact can also lead to skin diseases. An effective remedy is to soak these clothes in water mixed with white vinegar. Gently scrub and then soak for another 10 minutes to disinfect and eliminate the odor.

4. Insects

Pests, particularly bugs, are a common consequence of a damp environment. If they appear on walls, consider using insect foggers. Afterwards, clean the walls with diluted bleach. For households with pets, where using chemicals might be a concern, you can also use eco-friendly solutions to wipe down the walls.

5. Newspapers for Shoe Cabinets

Instead of discarding newspapers after reading, roll them up and place them in shoe cabinets to absorb moisture. Replace them every week or so. This method is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective.


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