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Choosing the Right Air Conditioner

In the scorching summer, it's time to choose an air conditioner that is both cool and energy-saving. Decoland recommends considering the following four points:

1. Type of Air Conditioner:

Common models in Hong Kong include window units, split window units, and split units, further classified into fixed-frequency and inverter types.

- Window Units: These are simple in structure, combining cooling and exhaust in one. They are relatively affordable and are usually installed on an AC window ledge or metal bracket. The installation process is straightforward, but they can be noisier.

- Split Units: These are quieter. The system is split into two parts - the indoor unit handles the air distribution, while the outdoor unit is responsible for cooling. Installation might require scaffolding for the external unit, which can increase costs.

- Split Window Units: This model combines the advantages of the two previous types. The external unit is smaller than the standard split unit and can be installed directly on the concrete window ledge of the air conditioner. Though its price and installation fee can be higher, its maintenance and installation processes are more convenient.

2. Fixed-Frequency vs. Inverter:

Traditional fixed-frequency air conditioners operate at a constant speed. Once the set temperature is reached, the compressor stops, causing it to frequently switch on and off. In contrast, inverters can automatically adjust the compressor speed, regulating air flow to maintain the set temperature. At low temperatures, the compressor operates at low frequency without stopping. Though inverter ACs are pricier, considering electricity costs and noise reduction, they are a better long-term investment.

3. Horsepower:

The larger the unit, the greater the horsepower required. However, if the unit faces west or is on a higher floor without other buildings blocking sunlight, it might get hotter, requiring a higher horsepower. Here's a reference table:

Area (Sq.ft)

Required Horsepower

50 to 70

¾ HP

80 to 110

1 HP

​110 to 150

1.5 HP

160 to 200

2 HP

210 to 250

2 HP

260 to 300

3 HP

4. Energy Efficiency:

Currently, air conditioners sold in Hong Kong are required to have an energy efficiency label. Grade 1 has the highest energy efficiency, and Grade 5 has the lowest. It's best to choose products labeled with Grade 1 to save both energy and electricity costs.


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