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Can You Be Your Own Renovation Supervisor?

Renovation projects require a significant collaboration of professionals ranging from interior designers, project managers, renovation supervisors, skilled craftsmen to laborers. Some homeowners believe that hiring a company for renovation can be expensive. If they take on the role of the renovation supervisor and hire various craftsmen like plumbers, masons, painters, etc., directly, they might save a considerable amount. However, before proceeding, it's essential to understand the challenges involved:

1. Do You Have Enough Time?

A renovation can take several months to half a year. As a supervisor, you would need to be on-site frequently, inspecting the quality of work, overseeing progress, and addressing any unexpected issues. If materials run out, you must quickly source them to prevent labor costs from ticking away without progress.

2. Do You Have Organizational and Planning Abilities?

Understanding the construction process, the sequence of various tasks, and when to schedule different craftsmen is crucial. You must also time the delivery of materials to align with the project's pace. Early deliveries can clutter the site, whereas late ones can cause work stoppages.

3. Do You Have Extensive Knowledge and Experience in Renovation?

Even if you have ample time and exceptional planning abilities, understanding the nuances of a renovation is not something you can grasp overnight from online articles. A renovation supervisor should have broader knowledge about project management and material sourcing than an average craftsman. This includes managing tasks, overseeing progress, arranging materials, and ensuring quality.

Finding trustworthy craftsmen can be a challenge. There's typically no work history available, and you can't verify the authenticity of their claims. Moreover, assessing the quality of their work might be out of your expertise. Then there are challenges like sourcing materials. How do you know which supplier offers fair prices? How do you check the quality of materials at different stages? If you discover poor craftsmanship or delays, how would you address them?

All these concerns are just the tip of the iceberg. In the realm of renovation, a supervisor plays a pivotal role and should be equipped with professional knowledge, skills, and experience. A good renovation supervisor can ensure quality work, speed up the project, save homeowners both time and post-completion costs, and reduce the stresses that come with renovation. Hiring a professional might seem like an additional cost, but it's worth it considering the risks involved. Don't jeopardize the entire project in an attempt to save a small amount of money; it might lead to greater losses in the long run.


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