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BIOPHILIC Naturalistic Design

Humans have an innate longing for nature. A life devoid of sunlight and plants can potentially impact one's physical and mental well-being. Given the modern stresses of life and the increasing detachment from nature, the Biophilic design – which integrates natural landscapes or features into daily life – is growing in popularity.

The three core themes of naturalistic design are nature, health, and sustainability. It isn't just about placing a few plants at home; it's about fostering a harmonious coexistence between nature and humans. This design emphasizes comfortable natural lighting, actively incorporates plants and natural materials into the overall landscape plan, aiming to provide occupants with a therapeutic and relaxing environment.

Many research-driven companies, like Google and Airbnb, have adopted naturalistic design in their offices, believing that it effectively boosts overall employee productivity.

Four Key Elements of Naturalistic Home Design:
1. Introduce Greenery:

Plants do more than just absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen – they also filter harmful chemicals from the air. Some plants, such as the Spider Plant, are NASA-certified to eliminate harmful substances like sulfur dioxide, chlorine, ethyl ether, and carbon monoxide. The Peace Lily, on the other hand, is known for its ability to purify formaldehyde from the air.

2. Utilize Natural Color Schemes:

Green and blue symbolize wood and water elements, respectively. Integrating both colors into a space can induce a unique synergy, creating a visual connection with nature and promoting relaxation. Incorporating elements of water or wood in the decor can achieve a similar effect.

3. Incorporate Scents and Sounds of Nature:

Natural soothing sounds and scents can cultivate a comforting and reassuring environment. Sunlight, the sound of rain, bird calls, the smell of grass, and the scent of the sea can evoke one's memories and connection to nature.

4. Create Healing Spaces:

Healing spaces can be balconies, rooftops, or areas near windows that are exposed to natural light. Resting in spaces that feature natural landscapes can alleviate stress and boost vitality. For such spaces, it's beneficial to use natural materials like bamboo, wood, and hemp to further enhance the ambiance of nature.


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