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Bathroom Heater VS Exhaust Fan

A good ventilation system is fundamental for a bathroom. Many people often choose between a bathroom heater and an exhaust fan. However, the bathroom heater cannot completely replace the traditional exhaust fan.

1. Function

Both the bathroom heater and the exhaust fan possess ventilation capabilities, drawing out the bathroom's air and moisture and replacing it with fresh outdoor air. An exhaust fan has several times the suction power of a typical bathroom heater. If one only requires a ventilation function, the exhaust fan is sufficient. The advantage of a bathroom heater is its heating function, which can efficiently dry towels and wash clothes in the bathroom. It's ideal for maintaining warmth in the bathroom during winter, especially for the elderly and children in the house.

2. Installation

Both bathroom heaters and exhaust fans come in window and ceiling-mounted varieties. Ceiling-mounted installations are more expensive and involve a more intricate process due to concerns about the ceiling and ducts. The direction of ventilation and heating for ceiling-mounted types is from the ceiling downward, ensuring a more even distribution and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. If you don't wish to install a bathroom heater in the ceiling, or if your bathroom lacks a window, you can consider wall-mounted or portable bathroom heaters.

3. Cost

Exhaust fans generally operate at 7-20W, while bathroom heaters typically use 1100W or more. In comparison, the power consumption of a bathroom heater is considerably higher. Ideally, if a bathroom is equipped with both an exhaust fan and a bathroom heater, one could use the less power-consuming exhaust fan when only ventilation is needed, thus saving on electricity costs.


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