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Avoid Pitfalls by Understanding Your Quote Details

In home renovation, it's crucial to be aware of potential pitfalls, especially when it comes to understanding the details of a quote. Here are some common pitfalls you might encounter in a renovation quote:

1. Lack of Detailed Breakdown of Work and Costs:

If the quote only provides a vague overview of the work process without detailed pricing, not only are there chances of hidden costs, but if, unfortunately, you need to "part ways" with the contractor during the project, assessing the value of work done can become complicated.

2. Absence of Specific Construction Methods and Materials Used:

For example, details about which waterproofing materials are used, the height of waterproofing, water testing procedures, type and brand of paint, the sequence of painting, type of wood or materials chosen for furniture, etc. If these are not specified in the quote and the client only inquires during the course of the project, it might result in missing the optimal timing for certain tasks or even incurring additional costs. Therefore, DECOLAND always suggests that clients discuss and finalize these details with the renovation company before signing the quote.

3. No Mention of Additional Charges:

Common items that often come with additional charges include special bricklaying methods, the size of the bricks, special paint designs, and furniture finishes. Unless these are specified as included in the quote, they usually come with extra charges. It's advisable to notify the contractor about your preferred choices before the start of the project to avoid disputes.


For many, renovation isn't an easy task. Aside from cost considerations, the process can be quite vexing for homeowners. That's where DECOLAND comes in with its all-in-one service approach. Whether it's finding the right renovation team, designers, getting accurate quotes, or managing the project, DECOLAND is here to support.

DECOLAND is here to help you solve all your renovation worries effortlessly!

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