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Address Feng Shui concerns through renovation

Avoid having the main entrance directly facing the balcony, as this creates a Feng Shui condition known as "piercing heart" (穿心), which can lead to financial losses and disruptions in the flow of wealth. To remedy this:

Solution: Install a foyer cabinet or screen to create a barrier between the main entrance and the balcony. Alternatively, you can use potted plants on the balcony to block the direct line of sight, or simply draw curtains when needed.

Avoid having the main entrance directly facing the bedroom door, as this can allow negative energy to flow directly into the bedroom, affecting the health, wealth, and relationships of the occupants. To remedy this:

Solution: Use a folding screen or curtains to separate the main entrance from the bedroom door. This will help block the direct flow of energy.

The head of the bed should be against a wall. This is known as having "support" in Feng Shui, and it impacts health and relationships.

Solution: Ensure that the bed is positioned with its headboard against a wall. If the room's layout is challenging, you can consider custom-made bedside cabinets to fill the gap between the bed and the wall.

Avoid having the head of the bed directly facing the bedroom door, as it can create a sense of insecurity and disrupt sleep.

Solution: Adjust the bed's position to be at a 45-degree angle to the bedroom door, or use other design elements to create a sense of safety and privacy.

Avoid having beams or hanging lights directly above the bed, as they can create a sense of pressure and discomfort.

Solution: Modify or decorate the beams to make them less prominent, or use false ceilings to cover them. If there are lights above the bed, consider using wall sconces or floor lamps to provide lighting without the feeling of pressure.

In en-suite bathrooms, avoid having the bathroom door directly facing the bedroom door, as this can allow odors to flow into the bedroom and pose hygiene issues.

Solution: If possible, change the direction of the bathroom door during renovation. If not, keep the bathroom door closed, and you can hang a curtain or place large potted plants on both sides of the bedroom and bathroom doors to block the airflow and odors.


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