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A Collection of 6 Shoe Bench Designs!

Shoe benches have increasingly become a must-have item in home decor, blending both practical utility and aesthetic appeal. No wonder they're so beloved! Below is a compilation of six of the most popular shoe bench designs. See which one resonates with your taste.

1. Simple Shoe Bench

If your interior decor has already been set and there isn't any designated space for a shoe bench, consider adding a small convenient stool or a compact bench for this purpose. Opt for lightweight designs that are easy to move and don't take up much space.

2. Bench with Storage

Sturdy benches with cushioning not only serve as a seating space but also come with storage capabilities. Common designs include flip-top lids, drawer styles, and open shelves. Choose based on the items you need to store and the layout of your home.

3. Shoe Cabinet + Bench Combo

A combined design where the shoe cabinet merges with the bench. This design offers ample storage and ensures a consistent aesthetic. It's ideal for entryways with more space. A quick tip! Leave room below the bench to store the day's home slippers and outdoor shoes, avoiding clutter near the entrance.

4. Foldable Shoe Bench

For homes with narrower entryways, a shoe bench remains essential. A foldable design can be a solution. Install a folding bench on the hallway wall which can be tucked away when not in use, saving space yet remaining practical.

5. Coat Hooks + Shoe Bench

Often, there are hats, accessories, or coats that need a temporary spot after returning home. Consider adding a row of coat hooks above the shoe bench. This not only saves space but also adds a decorative touch, elevating the style of the entryway.

6. Mirror + Shoe Bench:

A quick appearance check can boost confidence and ensure you leave the house looking your best. Spending a few seconds before heading out to review your overall look and attire can set a positive tone for the day. Incorporating a mirror alongside the shoe bench serves this very purpose.


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