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6 tips to improve house lighting and live in a sunny room!

Lighting is one of the main problems that bothers many homeowners. Living in a dim house can easily lead to a bad mood, which is not good for physical and mental health in the long run. Learn the following 6 tips to improve lighting and turn a dim house into a sunny room in seconds!

1. Light colors are used as the main color of the decoration

For houses with poor lighting, you can choose to paint the whole house white. White can reflect natural light and make the house look spacious and bright. White ceilings and walls can blur the boundaries of the house and visually expand the home space. If you don’t like white paint, you can choose light-colored paint such as cream, beige, light blue, etc. to make the space transparent and interesting.

2. The living room and bedroom are all covered with birch-colored floors

Living rooms and bedrooms are often dimly lit due to poor orientation of the house, so it is recommended to use birch-colored floors during decoration. Light-colored floors can reflect light, and the tones are warm and natural, making the space bright and transparent.

3. Make the most of natural light

Compared with artificial light, natural light can bring people a more comfortable and relaxed feeling. When decorating a house, you should retain natural light to the greatest extent possible, for example, you can use transparent glass or light-transmitting screens to block the partition between the dining room and the living room.

4. Use reflected light wisely

House decoration can provide a choice of decoration materials to increase reflectivity, thereby improving the brightness of the indoor environment. For example, more mirrors can be used in home decoration, which can not only expand the space visually, but also reflect the light source.

5. Choose small and shiny furniture

Avoid using complicated and large furniture for soft furnishings, as they can easily block the light in the room. It is recommended to choose simple, exquisite, and compact furniture. In addition, you can also choose furniture with a strong sense of transparency, such as furniture with a glossy feel, polished finish, and glass material.

6. Reasonable use of artificial light sources

Artificial light refers to the provision of electric lighting systems to make the indoor space brighter. In addition, through reasonable planning by designers, artificial light can be used to create a sense of hierarchy in the living environment and make the space more atmospheric. For example, the light of wall lamps and downlights is relatively soft and occupies a small space. While satisfying the brightness of the space, it will not make the ceiling look too messy.


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