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5 Tips for Drying Clothes Indoors

Summer is here, but it also heralds the arrival of the rainy season. Sometimes, rain can persist for days on end, leaving us perplexed about how to dry our freshly laundered clothes. Below are five indoor clothes drying methods/tips introduced by Decoland:

1. Places to Avoid for Drying Clothes:

  • Bedrooms: It's not recommended to dry clothes in bedrooms as it can lead to increased humidity.

  • Near Windows: Many believe that drying clothes indoors near a window can utilize the sunlight, but it actually hinders air circulation. Plus, the moisture near walls and windows makes it harder for clothes to dry.

  • On Curtain Rods: Avoid hanging clothes directly on curtain rods or against the curtains. Curtains usually accumulate dust and bacteria, which can result in your clothes having an odd smell.

  • Below Air Conditioners: Given Hong Kong's relative humidity, molds can form inside air conditioners that aren't cleaned regularly. Drying clothes directly below them may expose the clothes to bacteria.

  • In Kitchens: With many in Hong Kong living in smaller spaces and having open kitchens, it's tempting to dry clothes near the kitchen. However, kitchens are humid, and cooking odors can get trapped in damp clothes.

2. Suitable Places for Drying Clothes

Decoland suggests drying clothes in a bathroom equipped with an exhaust fan for optimal results. If you don't have one, consider drying in a well-ventilated living room or central area of a bedroom. This keeps clothes away from moist walls and windows, ensuring they get air circulation without the risk of mold from air conditioners. Additionally, clothes dry faster in higher places, minimizing moisture buildup.

3. Enhance Air Circulation

Using fans or air conditioning can improve air circulation and speed up the drying process.

4. Adopt the 'Long-Short-Long' Hanging Method

Hang longer garments on the ends and shorter ones in the middle, creating a 'long-short-long' arch-like arrangement. This method generates an upward airflow, enabling air to pass through the spaces between clothes, thereby removing moisture and shortening drying time.

5. Bend Hangers

If you use wire hangers, bend the outer third of each side forward, giving the hanger a more 3D shape. This prevents the front and back of clothes from sticking together, promoting better airflow inside the garment, and thus faster drying.


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