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40 Key Design Points for New Home Renovation (Bedroom)

City dwellers lead busy lives. For some, by the time they finish their work and dinner, it's already bedtime. The bedroom is an intensely private space, and apart from resting, it also needs to cater to storage, work, and study functionalities. In "New Home Decoration, 40 Detailed Designs," we guide you on how to perfect those little details for an ideal bedroom!

1️⃣ Allow 40-60cm space on either side of the bed.

To facilitate easy access in and out of bed, it's ideal to have space on three sides. If one side is next to a wardrobe, try to leave even more space if possible.

2️⃣ For smaller bedrooms, utilize the space under the bed.

The bed frame often occupies the most space in a bedroom. Consider using elevated beds or platform beds to increase storage capacity. For younger individuals or children, a combination bed design, with storage cabinets or a desk underneath, can be very practical and space-saving.

3️⃣ Avoid overly bright main lights.

The intensity of lighting can directly impact sleep quality. It's best to use adjustable lights in the bedroom, dimming them when resting. Install ambient sensor lights by the bed, choosing warm hues that are gentle and eye-friendly.

4️⃣ Use dual-control light switches.

Install dual-control switches within arm's reach from the bed and by the room's entrance. This way, you won't have to get out of bed to turn off the light before sleeping.

5️⃣ Make the most of the window ledge space.

Many apartments and buildings come with window ledge designs. To make the most of this space, consider custom-making a window ledge desk, raising the bed platform level with the ledge, or installing storage cabinets. Some may design this area as a relaxation nook, but it often ends up being a spot for piling clothes and miscellaneous items.


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