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40 Key Design Points for New Home Renovation (Bathroom)

Our series on "40 Key Design Details for New Home Renovation" concludes with the bathroom. Even though a bathroom might be compact, its frequent use makes it crucial to design it right. The goal is to create a space that is both safe and comfortable.

1. Separating Dry and Wet Areas

If the bathroom is large enough, it's essential to segregate wet and dry areas. We often hear about accidents caused by slipping in wet bathrooms. By having a clear separation, the wet area is minimized, reducing the risk of slips and falls. If partitioning isn't feasible, at the very least, a water barrier should be installed.

2. Anti-slip Tiles

Given that bathrooms are often damp, selecting anti-slip tiles is vital to prevent accidents. When choosing tiles, consider their slip resistance, durability, flatness, stain resistance, water absorption, texture, and sheen. Typically, tiles with a slip resistance rating of R9-R10 are sufficient for homes.

3. Outlet Design

Plan your outlets in advance. It's better to have a few extras than to fall short. Adding more later can be both a hassle and aesthetically unpleasing. Outlets above bathroom cabinets can be used for hair dryers, electric razors, and curling irons. If you're planning to install a smart toilet, ensure there's a nearby outlet, and consider adding a waterproof cover to protect against moisture and short circuits.

4. Maximize Storage

Incorporating vanity cabinets and mirrored cabinets is essential. The mirrored cabinet can store grooming and makeup essentials, and the mirror itself can create an illusion of a more expansive space. Extending it above the toilet can make use of additional space. The cabinet under the sink can store bathroom supplies. Ideally, it should be elevated 30-40 cm from the ground to accommodate a laundry basket.

5. Ventilation and Moisture Control

Apart from natural ventilation through windows, you can install bathroom heaters to speed up drying and increase efficiency. They're especially suitable for bathrooms without ventilation windows. These heaters can also help in drying clothes. Furthermore, consider adding heated towel racks to reduce the chances of mold on towels and clothing.


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