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4 Key Design Points for Children's Rooms

Children's rooms differ from regular rooms as they need to cater to multiple functions such as play, study, and rest. Children of different ages have varying design requirements for their rooms. Generally, when designing a child's room, it's essential to keep the following points in mind to create the most comfortable growth environment for them.

1. Health

Laying a solid foundation of health during a child's growing phase is vital. Many building materials and furniture contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, toluene, radon, ammonia, acetaldehyde, and acetate. For material selection, opt for non-toxic, eco-friendly options. Choosing a minimalist design can also reduce the release of chemical pollutants during construction.

2. Safety

Furniture in a child's room should have rounded edges and no sharp corners. Opt for non-slip flooring or add carpets. Avoid placing objects like glass or standing mirrors that can easily cause injury upon collision. Electrical outlets should be equipped with protective covers. Windows should have safety nets, grills, or safety locks.

3. Functionality

Children at different growth stages have varying functional requirements for their rooms. For children under six, a play area and a resting space are essential, enabling them to learn through play. As children age past six and start attending school, having a comfortable desk with adequate lighting becomes crucial for focused study.

4. Aesthetics

The color scheme in a child's room can directly influence their mental and emotional development. Colors with low saturation and those that are reminiscent of nature are suitable. Red and yellow can be too stimulating and can affect rest and study. Dark colors like brown, deep gray, and navy blue might lead to feelings of depression. Lighter shades of green and blue have a calming effect, making it easier for children to feel at ease and sleep better at night. White is also a good choice, as it easily complements other furniture and decorations in the room, and white paint typically contains fewer harmful substances.


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