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15 Taboos You Need to Be Aware Of For Lunar New Year!

The Lunar New Year is the most significant festival in Chinese culture. Traditionally, cleaning begins on the 28th day of the last lunar month to usher in the new and sweep away the old. On New Year's Eve, families gather for a reunion dinner, indulge in sweet rice balls, stroll the night markets, and adorn their homes with festive decorations. The first day of the New Year is dedicated to greeting and wishing each other prosperity and happiness. While many of these customs are familiar, there are numerous traditions and taboos during this period. As we approach the New Year, here's a reminder of 15 taboos to be aware of, ensuring a prosperous and fortunate year ahead.

Day 1『年初一』
1. Avoid Breaking Anything

Handle fragile items like dishes, decorations, and porcelain carefully, especially if there are children or pets. Breaking something can affect your wealth. If an accident occurs, wrap the broken pieces in red paper and silently wish for peace and prosperity. If you have a shrine, place it there until the 5th day before disposing of it.

2. Avoid Bathing & Washing Hair in the Morning

While many freshen up in the morning, refrain on this day. It's believed that you might wash away wealth and fortune.

3. Avoid Calling Someone by Their Full Name to Wake Them Up

It's thought to bring a year of constant nagging. Late risers should note and get up early on their own.

4. Avoid Porridge, Meat, and Medicine in the Morning

Historically, those in poverty ate porridge, so having it implies a year of poverty. Also, no meat should be consumed until the afternoon, and unless ill, avoid medicine.

5. Avoid Cooking New Rice

Consume leftover rice from New Year's Eve. This symbolizes abundance from the previous year, ensuring prosperity.

6. Avoid Afternoon Naps

A nap on this day can affect one's career prospects for the entire year.

7. Avoid Laundry

The first two days are believed to be the Water God's birthday; hence, laundry is discouraged.

8. Avoid Sweeping & Taking Out the Trash

This might sweep away the year's wealth and good fortune.

Day 2『年初二』
9. Married Daughters Should Visit Their Parental Home

Ideally on the 2nd or 3rd day to avoid bad luck to the family. Avoid visiting on the 1st, 4th, and 5th days.

10. Gifts Should Come in Pairs

When married daughters visit their parents, gifts should be even-numbered, as odd numbers are considered unlucky.

Day 3『年初三』
11. Avoid Visiting Others

The 3rd day is considered inauspicious, with potential for arguments and conflicts.

Day 4『年初四』
12. Welcome the Kitchen God

This day involves welcoming deities to protect the household. It's best to stay in as the Kitchen God may be taking attendance.

Day 5『年初五』
13. Dispose of Trash

Trash accumulated from the 1st to the 4th day symbolizes wealth, but from the 5th day onwards, it's seen as poverty. Dispose of it to attract good fortune.

Day 7『年初七』
14. Respect One Another

The 7th day is considered the birthday of all humans. It's a day of mutual respect, and parents are advised against scolding their children. Also, as it's an unlucky day, try to avoid long journeys.

Day 9『年初九』
15. Avoid Drying Clothes Outside

This day is dedicated to the Jade Emperor's birthday, and it's considered disrespectful to air out your laundry.


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