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Featured Wall Designs

Feature walls have become a popular element in modern interior design, adding depth and character to plain walls and enhancing the visual layers of a space. Here are seven trending feature wall styles:

1. Wooden Panels/Slats

Wooden panels or slats bring a natural ambiance to a home. When paired with white or light-colored furniture, it gives a cozy, minimalist feel. This style is commonly found in Japanese design. While the texture of wooden slats adds dimension to the space, cleaning the grooves may be challenging.

2. Marble

Marble walls, often in shades of grey, soft pink, or beige, offer a versatile look. While they can complement a luxurious design, when paired with light wooden furniture, the outcome is an elegant home setting.

3. Cultural Stone

The rough texture of cultural stone walls is a staple in industrial-style interiors, providing a rustic touch. However, given its strong contrast with typical home finishes, it's best used as an accent rather than dominating the space, as it can be overpowering.

4. Artistic Paint

The emerging trend of artistic paint can produce unique patterns and textures. Its application process is relatively straightforward compared to other wall treatments. Additionally, the paint is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and water-resistant.

5. Diatomaceous Earth

Applying diatomaceous earth as a smooth finish or in various textured patterns is another method for feature walls. Being a natural substance, it can absorb moisture, purify the air, and create a healthier living environment. However, as its use is not yet widespread, not all contractors might be familiar with its application.

6. Wallpapers/Wall Fabrics

The design and durability of wallpapers and wall fabrics have advanced significantly in recent years. With a vast array of designs, types, and materials available, they provide more options for personalizing a space.

7. Mirrors/Metals

For those aiming to expand the perception of space in their homes, mirror or metal feature walls are an excellent choice. The reflective properties of mirrors and metals can visually enlarge a space through refraction.


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