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Modern Minimalist Style

Modern Minimalist – Calmness and Stability

Modern Minimalist is a mixed style. Simplicity means clean and neat, LESS IS MORE, simple and practical, no unnecessary modifications, leaving more white space in the design to increase the visual sense of space; while modern style mostly uses black and white , gray color is to show a sense of calmness and stability. The combination of the two is to add a little natural elements for embellishment in a fashionable and avant-garde style, while emphasizing the bright open space, which feels very suitable for Hong Kong people. The pace of life will create a little balance in the busy life. Here are a few key points of modern minimalist style:

1. Color system close to nature

Modern style is inseparable from the three reading colors of black, white and gray, but modern simplicity is richer in the use of colors and is not limited to these three colors. If you want to add other colors, you can consider some natural colors, such as mud yellow, Blue, light brown or green, etc., make it visually richer, but the color proportion must be well controlled.

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2. Enhancing Depth Through Different Textures

If a home primarily uses cool tones such as black, white, and gray, it might appear modern but can lack the warmth of a cozy home. Beyond just color usage, you can introduce decorations made from various materials. For instance, knitted or woolen rugs, leather throw pillows, etc., can add depth and dimension to the space.

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3. Designing Clean and Sleek Furniture

Minimalist style does not mean simplicity. The focus of furniture in this style is on functionality and practicality. There's limited use of intricate designs in terms of lines. The surfaces of the furniture often feature smooth or matte finishes, with a preference for concealed or hidden designs to eliminate unnecessary embellishments. Additionally, solid wood furniture is a common element in minimalist styles, acting to balance out cooler tones.

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(Source: estlivingcom)

4. Incorporating Natural Elements to Add Warmth

An essential aspect of modern minimalist style is the inclusion of natural decorative elements, such as plants and stones. These can be placed on coffee tables, display shelves, or even in a corner of the home. Natural contours help to soften the straight lines of the space and enhance the atmosphere.

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"Minimalist style" is a broad descriptor. It has evolved into various substyles, including Nordic minimalist, Japanese minimalist, and modern minimalist. The main differences among these lie in lighting and color proportion. Unsure which style suits you best? Feel free to contact us to learn more!

Modern Minimalist Style Featured Renovated Case

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